Forschungsaufenthalt in Tansania

Exploring innovation adoption and indigenous entrepreneurship – under-standing the role of traditional values, networks and life satisfaction

In August 2023, Prof. Dr. Christiana Weber and Johanna Fischer went on an extensive research field trip to Tanzania to investigate innovation adoption in this unique socio-economic context. The goal was to explore the relevant factors influencing the adoption and non-adoption of innovations, in particular the role of and interplay with traditional values, entrepreneurial networks, and life satisfaction. This investigation is closely tied to the Tanzanian Socioeconomic Panel (TranSec), which took place from 2013-2018, focusing on the implementation of various agricultural innovations to enhance food security. Over the years, this quantitative panel has consistently tracked the adoption of innovations and the overall living conditions of entrepreneurs in two rural regions of Tanzania. In 2021, we reactivated this panel and conducted a new wave of data collection (TaSep) with a strong focus on indigenous entrepreneurship and innovation adoption as well as the role of individual characteristics such as resilience and personality traits. In March and June 2022, Prof. Dr. Christiana Weber initiated a first qualitative data collection phase through Focus Group Discussions, providing rich insights into the subject matter. The recent round of data collection, focusing on the influence of tribes and their traditional values and norms, was also made possible through the valuable contributions of and partnership with Dr. Luitfred Kissoly (Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam) and the broader network of collaborators in Tanzania.

The researchers are eager to uncover the intricate interplay of cultural elements in shaping entrepreneurial activities. The preliminary findings of this ongoing research are going to be presented by Prof. Dr. Christiana Weber and Johanna Fischer at the African Academy of Management in January 2024 ( In addition, Prof. Dr. Weber et al. recently published a paper in ET&P that explores the variety of necessity entrepreneurship using Sen’s capability approach (